Срок работы пробной версии продукта истек. Через две недели этот сайт полностью прекратит свою работу. Вы можете купить полнофункциональную версию продукта на сайте www.1c-bitrix.ru. Production under own TU 3433-001-88356101-2012

Production under own TU 3433-001-88356101-2012

Production under own Technical Specifications TU 3433-001-88356101-2012 Appendix Н, which were agreed under the specified procedure with SC “Rosatom”, at that:

·          questionnaires are agreed with the customer;

·          development of design documentation is provided by ESKD, with 3d-model and components pre-agreed with the Customer;

·          manufacture of equipment of the 2nd and 3 rd safety classes is carried out according to the quality plans agreed with the Customer, NPP, General Designer, supervisors, etc.

·          the quality system complies with the IAEA and ISO 9001 standards;

·          acceptance of the equipment is carried out in the presence of the customer;

·          the supply agreement is fully compliant with the requirements of State Corporation "Rosatom";

the decision on the use of imported components is provided complete with the acceptance documentation