System of collection, processing and transmission of information via computer-to-computer communication.

Smartis Dic.Net is the most flexible and unified solution for building of process automation systems. Smartis Dic.Net is designed to create distributed (decentralized) automation systems

Smartis Dic.Net is designed for:

·          information collection from the lower level of microprocessor devices via inter-computer interface;

·          organization of logical processing of the information received;

·          transmitting the information to adjacent subsystems (SCADA-system);

·          receiving the commands from the supervisory control systems via inter-computer protocol;

·          control of the potential of command issuing (monitoring of lack of control interlocking);

·          issuing the commands to the microprocessor equipment of the field level.

Supported protocols: Modbus, Profibus, IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 61850, and others.

The advantages of automated systems based on the core of Smartis Dic.Net:

·          increased reliability;

·          high response speed;

·          the ability to work with any manufacturers of low-level (field) devices and SCADA-systems suppliers using the standardized protocols;

·          low cost.

Smartis Dic.Net is a completely Russian product